As Rugby in the USA achieves growing media exposure, there is an increasing demand for people wanting to participate in the sport, particularly at the youth level. Now that Rugby will be introduced as an Olympic sport in 2016, a new pathway has been created for young aspiring Olympians. But aspiring Olympian or not, the benefits of playing Rugby are abundant.

Athleticism, fitness, teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship, dedication, leadership…these are but a few characteristics that playing Rugby instills in those fortunate enough to play. Introducing Rugby to individuals as early as possible is therefore a good idea, which is exactly what SoCal Rugby Camps aims to do.

mini girls rugby

SoCal Rugby Camps is committed to enhancing the health and character of the American youth, while helping to promote the growth of this great sport and awaken the ‘sleeping giant’ that is USA Rugby to become the global powerhouse it has the potential to be.

With expert coaches who understand the developmental and behavioral needs of young athletes, SoCal Rugby Camps provide not only the best tools for becoming a better rugby player, but also loads of enjoyment.

So enroll now in a SoCal Rugby Camp…who knows where it will lead!