What A Cracking Weekend Of Women’s Rugby

The 2016 USA Rugby Women’s Premier League Championships delivered some of the best rugby in the country – with current Eagles, former Eagles and future stars going head to head – with more hits than the Canadian immigration website!


The top 4 teams arriving at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, were: defending Champions Glendale Raptors, San Diego Surfers, Twin Cities Amazons and New York Rugby. The two conferences crossed over for the semi finals – and it was a try feast for the west coast sides as Glendale defeated New York Rugby 37-13 while the San Diego Surfers took out the Twin Cities Amazons 36-8.

In the other matches – it was the Atlanta Harlequins that beat the Berkeley All Blues 26-14, while ORSU got the better of the D.C. Furries 37-5.

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Results – Friday, November 11th 2016

5th Place Semi Final: Atlanta Harlequins 26 Berkeley All Blues 14

5th Place Semi Final: ORSU 37 – DC Furries 5

Championship Semi Final: Glendale Raptors 37  – New York Rugby 13

Championship Semi Final: San Diego Surfers 36 – Twin Cities Amazons 8

Results – Sunday, November 13th 2016

7th Place: Berkeley All Blues 48 – DC Furries 5

5th Place: ORSU 15 – Atlanta Harlequins 10

3rd Place: New York Rugby 29 – Twin Cities Amazons 10

WPLChampionship Final: San Diego Surfers 26 – Glendale Raptors 16

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The broadcast team pictured above (L to R: Dallen Stanford, KT Wurst & Marc Stcherbina)

Marc and I teamed up for this busy weekend departing Los Angeles on Thursday, announced the WPL matches on Friday, then caught a late flight back to Los Angeles to announce the USA Eagles Men’s clash against Romania. The match took place in Bucharest – but we did a remote commentary broadcast from Los Angeles – amazing how technology has changed over the years! We then took the 4-hour flight back to Atlanta on Saturday night ahead of Sunday’s WPL finals – what a doozy!

The WPL competition is such a fantastic opportunity for USA Eagles coaches to scout national team players – especially this fall as the USA take on France on November 22 & 25. I’ve had the honor of announcing both the 2014 & 2015 WPL competitions – and it was evident how the standard of play has risen amongst all teams taking part. The Glendale Raptors won both the 2014 edition (in a dramatic style) at Life University and the 2015 competition at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado.

There were so many brilliant players on display – which makes it almost impossible to just choose 15 that make our Tournament Dream Team. Some sensation that just missed out included: Katy Augustyn & Lauren Rhode (Berkeley All Blues), Maggie Olney & Kristen Maxey (D.C. Furies), Sylvia Braaten & Stacey Bridges, (injured on Friday, Twin Cities Amazons), Molly Kinsella & Tia Blythe (San Diego Surfers), Ashley Nesby & Evelyn Ashenbrucker (New York Rugby), Laketa Sutton & Liz Snodgrass (Harlequins), Candace Mahoney-Watson & Zoe Wilson (ORSU), Sarah Chobot & Patsy Ford (Glendale Raptors).

We have moved some players around to accommodate the best 15 on display – and of course this is just our opinion.

wpl dream team graphic

WPL Champions

2009: New York Rugby

2010: New York Rugby

2011: Berkeley All Blues

2012: Berkeley All Blues

2013: Twin Cities Amazons

2014: Glendale Raptors

2015: Glendale Raptors

2016: San Diego Surfers

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